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Walldorff Brewpub & Bistro: A Toast to Our Heritage and Craft

walldorff history

Family Tradition and Passion for Excellence

Nestled in the heart of Hastings, the Walldorff Brewpub & Bistro is not just a building; it's a living tapestry woven with history, family, and the love of craft. As a proud family-owned establishment, we're dedicated to bringing you exceptional handcrafted ales and delectable cuisine from our talented Head Brewer, Brett Hammond, and our passionate kitchen team. We pour our hearts into our work because we believe in the joy it brings — a sentiment we hope you share every time you visit us.

The Foundation: Building on History Since 1866

The Walldorff's storied past began in 1866 when part of the “Empire Block” was sold by William Upjohn, giving rise to a site that would become a cornerstone of community life in downtown Hastings. Through the years, the building has stood as a silent witness to the ebb and flow of time, from the bustling Goodyear & Barlow store in the 1870s with its ballrooms echoing with dance, to the hub of public events, billiards, and a myriad of businesses in the 1880s and 1890s.

A Century of Service: From Furniture to Farewells

In 1893, Milan Walldorff and Albert Renkes planted the seeds of a legacy with their furniture and funeral business. This legacy evolved into Walldorff Furniture, marking the beginning of a name that would become synonymous with quality and service in Hastings. The building itself mirrored the Walldorff's adaptability, housing everything from a wallpaper store to a pharmacy, encapsulating the entrepreneurial spirit that is the hallmark of Hastings.

Evolving with the Times: A Modern-Day Monument

The Walldorff Building has continually transformed, adapting to the needs of the times while never losing sight of its historic charm. The 1983 renovation by Phil Walldorff was a testament to this spirit, earning recognition from the Barry County Historical Society. Today, the building stands proudly as the Walldorff Brewpub & Bistro, revitalized in 2006 to begin a new chapter as a monument to quality service and community engagement.

Today: Crafting Memories with Every Pour and Plate

At Walldorff Brewpub & Bistro, we honor our heritage by continuing the aspirations that have always been at the core of the Walldorff name. We are more than a brewpub; we are a gathering place, a celebration of history, and a beacon of community activity. We invite you to be a part of our ongoing story, to create new memories with us, and to savor the experience that only a place rich in history and heart can offer.

Join us next week as we take you behind the scenes to share "A Day in the Life of a Walldorff Brewer" and reveal the artistry behind our premium ales.

Here's to history, to family, and to the love of a well-crafted brew — Cheers from all of us at Walldorff Brewpub & Bistro!

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